We’re going to move where e-commerce operations opportunities evolve which is essential to ongoing success.

Noel Massie

Head of U.S. Operations, UPS

I recently attended the USC Marshall School of Business Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit which was full of innovative strategies to address today’s hyper-competitive marketplace presentations and discussions.

Here is my interpretation of four summit nuggets which could potentially enhance key business strategies in the industrial real estate industry (IRE).

Commoditization of 3PL Services

In an effort to defend against the commoditization of 3PL Services, FedEx analyzed customer needs up and down the value chain, areas outside FedEx’s normal business model. The analysis identified the purchase of GENCO Logistics, a leading return goods 3PL service provider, which effectively improved FedEx’s value proposition.

IRE: The Industrial Real Estate industry is not exempt from having to fight the commoditization battles. You might look up and down the Value Chain to see how you might improve your competitive differentiation. An idea for Land Use Attorneys is to incorporate Warehouse & Transportation Market Information to build a stronger EIR Case. An idea for investors & developers might be to use location logistics information to increase a facilities value proposition from the tenants’ perspective.

 Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Amazon’s top five success elements include their commitment to continuous improvement. They keep WOWing their customers with innovative, customer-focused solutions.

IRE: Is your firm using a continuous improvement strategy in your business model? In these hyper-competitive times, it is essential to on-going success.

 Need for Customization Continues

Supply chain executives continue to demand from their various service providers customized solutions which address their particular needs. Corporations want vendors’ solutions to address their specific needs.

IRE: Might be appropriate to ask, “How well are we identifying potential tenants needs?” In terms of real estate facilities, tenants want a facility and its location to solve BOTH their real estate and supply chain challenges. How well does your firm understand and communicate why a certain facility & its location better meets tenants’ needs?

 Moving Where E-Commerce Opportunities Evolve

UPS focuses on constantly analyzing evolving E-Commerce opportunities to identify and implement innovative custom-centric solutions.

IRE: Is your firm effectively listening and responding to changing industry market dynamics? Our fast-pace, constantly changing market elements make this essential to continued success.

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Recommendation: I would suggest that you consider attending next year’s USC Marshall School of Business Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit – time and money very well invested.