Industrial Park Warehouse Tenant Survey


Business Challenge

Watson Land Company is among the largest industrial real estate developers in Los Angeles
County and one of the largest industrial developers in the nation. Presently they own, manage or
lease approximately 12 million square feet of buildings. Watson Land Company wanted to
identify from their warehouse tenants’ viewpoint any potential additional services they might
provide to their industrial park tenants. Watson wanted to answer the strategic question, “What
value-added services could we provide which would help our warehouse tenants’ businesses and
make it more attractive to operate in the Watson Land Company’s industrial parks.

How WCL Consulting Helped

WCL Consulting with its extensive knowledge of warehousing operations and challenges developed
a tenant interview questionnaire with Watson Land Company’s input. The questionnaire covered
such areas as:

• How would you rate the ease of doing business?
• How would you rate the service quality provided?
• How would you rate the quality and effectiveness of communication with Watson Land Co.?
• How would you rate the proactive approach?
• What are some improvement ideas?
• What do we do well?
• What trends in your industry will have the most effect on logistics products and services you will need in the future?
• What are your most significant business challenges?
• What could Watson Land Co. do to help you meet these challenges?
• What is the greatest source of your competitive advantage? What can Watson Land Co. do to enhance it?

The WCL Consulting team conducted interviews of warehouse tenants which highlighted many of
the warehouse operations challenges faced by importers, exporters, 3PLs, distributors, and
trucking companies. Survey information was used by Watson Land Company to enhance their
business strategy and gain competitive advantages.