Marine Terminal Off-Peak Hours Operation Implementation


Business Challenge

PierPass, a not-for-profit organization created by marine terminal operators to reduce congestion and improve air quality in and around the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, had developed an OffPeak Hours Program. The program provided an incentive for cargo owners to move cargo at night and on weekends, in order to reduce truck traffic and pollution during peak daytime traffic hours and alleviate port congestion. In July 2005 PierPass retained WCL Consulting to assist in an industry outreach effort in support of the new OffPeak Hours Program.

How WCL Consulting Helped

WCL Consulting identified the critical global supply chain stakeholder industries and companies which needed to be orientated and trained on the new OffPeak Hours Program. An industry outreach strategy was developed and facilitated by WCL Consulting which proved very effective at helping implement the new program.