US Southeast Warehouse Location Logistics Marketing Profiling


Business Challenge

IDI, a US major industrial real estate developer based in Atlanta, GA realized that a new, more innovative marketing strategy was needed to reduce sales/lease cycle times in the tough economic situation faced today. WCL Consulting was involved in IDI’s West Coast Operations so they were the likely candidate to help in the Southeast region.

How WCL Consulting Helped

IDI outlined which facilities/locations were likely competitors to their facility. WCL Consulting conducted a Warehouse Operations Logistics SWOT analysis of the potential site, and the competing warehouse locations. The components analyzed included:

  • Degree of intramodal (within a specific mode) and intermodal (between different modes) transportation competition
  • Identify outbound transportation services availability/capability
  • Location to and mileage to key markets
  • Inbound and outbound transportation costs comparison
  • Balance or imbalance of freight
  • Dependability / consistency of transportation services
  • Shipment time-in-transit
  • Ability to provide door-to-door service
  • Flexibility by service providers
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Residential development plans near D.C.
  • Labor quality and quantity (High Level)

IDI used the WCL Location Logistics Profile information to market their new facility in record time which achieved the results for which WCL Consulting was hired.