3PL Acquisition Due Diligence

Business Challenge

APL Logistics, Ltd., the logistics arm of Singapore-based marine transportation giant, Neptune Orient Lines, offers a wide range of supply chain management services including: freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution manufacturing support, and merchandise consolidation. APL Logistics, Ltd. needed to expand its North American 3PL Warehousing service capabilities in order to be competitive in offering shippers a “one-stop” global supply chain solution. APL Logistics was focused on purchasing GATX’s North American 3PL Warehousing Division. APL Logistics knew that conducting the proper due diligence prior to any decision to purchase was essential in order to achieve a successful acquisition.

How WCL Consulting Helped

WCL Consulting with its extensive experience in 3PL operations was retained to conduct an indepth, objective assessment of GATX’s 3PL’s operations and facilities. More than 48 operational elements were analyzed and profiled indicating GATX’s strengths and weaknesses compared to best-in-class. A 3PL Operations Best Practices Gap Analysis which clearly summarized the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats was included in the final report.

APL Logistics used WCL Consulting’s GATX Operations Assessment Report to play a key role in determining the benefits and challenges in their acquisition strategy. Feedback received later from APL Logistics indicated that they felt the WCL Consulting report was extremely valuable in negotiating on the GATX acquisition.