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Resilient 3PLs Require Flexibility, Agility in Disrupted Supply Chain

A recent survey of shippers served by third-party logistics providers (3PLs) show the extent to which 3PLs have needed to adjust their operations  More

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The Inland Empire is Running Out of Space. This Area is Poised to Take the Spillover

It is difficult to understate the strength of the Inland Empire
as an industrial behemoth.  More

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A Look at the Southern California Supply-Chain ‘Meltdown’

Jon DeCesare’s interview with Robert J. Bowman on the SupplyChainBrain podcast. Listen

Warehouse Components Worksheet

The WCL Warehouse Components Worksheet is a helpful aid for IRE professionals to rank the importance of components to your potential tenants. Download

Specialized Due Diligence

A significant portion of M&A occurred among the world’s leading 3PLs and M&A among 3PLs remains attractive for several reasons. More

If you build a port-adjacent, three-story DC…

IRE investors must attract big BCOs that cross-dock or transload large volumes of merchandise from marine containers to domestic trailers without the packages ever touching the floor. More

E-Commerce & Its Impact on Supply Chains

Presented by the JoC and WCL, this webcast analyzes the dramatic impact e-commerce is having on global supply chains, the types of disruptors impacting the market View

Amazon’s Competitive Advantage…

Have you ever wondered how Amazon consistently delivers on its promise to ship your products correctly and have them arrive on a specific day or even earlier? More

The Risks of 3PL Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions totaled $3.8 trillion dollars last year, comprising a record number of 49,448 deals and 3PL M&A activity is expected to remain strong in the coming months. More

Warehouse Site Selection Worksheet

Far too many initial meetings between warehouse developers/owners and potential tenants are not an effective information exchange. More

Friending Shippers

Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach urged to set up supply chain advisory board to promote efficiency. More


Going with the Flow

The warehousing and distribution industry is taking bold steps to respond to changing economic and business circumstances. More

Do Your Homework

With the third-party logistics industry growing at double-digit rates, established 3PLs feel the urge to snap up a competitor before a large shipping line or equity investment company gets there first. More

So Cal Supply Chain Collaboration – White Paper

Today’s corporate global supply chains are constantly pressured to move goods and information faster, more dependably, and at minimum costs. More

Southern California Ports & Warehousing Update

In 2012 the Ports of Long Beach & Los Angeles had not returned to their 2006 peak volumes. U.S. Container ports continue to push their infrastructure investments so they would be ready to handle the mega-vessel arrivals. More

Out-of-the-Box Thinking 

As the industrial real estate industry enters a new decade, the light of optimism is shining a little brighter than in recent years. More

Global Supply Chain Terminology

This comprehensive global supply chain terminology booklet provides valuable help in understanding the challenging world of goods movement. More   

No Easy Solutions to Problems Plaguing US Ports

Ongoing analysis factors contributing to marine terminal congestion has experts concluding that ports will probably have to implement at least a half-dozen measures in order to relieve what has become one of the biggest bottlenecks in goods movement. More

Maersk Mega Vessel Graphic

Take a moment to better understand the scale & operating world of today’s mega-vessels. (Courtesy of Maersk) More

Warehousing’s Reach

The Great Recession pressured corporations to increase initiatives on supply chain and warehouse operations efficiencies to reduce costs while maintaining competitive customer service levels. More

Southern California Goods Movement Issues Presentation

After 20+ years of continuous import container growth, the ports of Long Beach & Los Angeles experienced their first negative growth. Learn what elements came together to cause this situation. More